Your Housewife II

The artist explores the objectification of the female body in a patriarchal context, focusing on the fashion industry and its conception of female bodies as objects. In the work Your Housewife IIshe links the character of a housewife; an efficient work machine and an object of desire – with an object of gastronomic lust, that is, a dead animal on a kitchen table. In the video which is part of the installation, the author takes the depiction of the role of a housewife to a kitsch-encased absurdity. While dressed in the underwear with trashy fetishist accessories and plenty of glitter, she prepares a plucked hen, bringing the viewer, on a silver platter, awareness of the absurdity of informal social expectations about the orderliness, lust and prescribed, but unchallenged, roles of women. By excluding her own head from the video, as is often done by the fashion and cosmetics industry, she only emphasizes her statement of opposition to the omnipresent commodification of women’s bodies.
Text written by Eva Jus, Tamara Klavžar, Ana Grobler