Razkrij boginjo v sebi

When viewing TV commercials (project (Without)), I was bothered with a specific scene in television commercials promoting hair removal products. I noticed that women who are shawing their legs in commercials with various products have already been depilated – so they are “removing non existing hair”.
I began to explore the history of hair removal and came to the conclusion: more skin than the woman was allowed to show in public, more hair had to be removed – face hair, armpit hair, leg hair and pubic hair – as if they need to receive physical punishment for not spending time behind closed doors as housewives.
The problem of non-existence as a socially acceptable natural phenomenon was realised in a short video entitled Reveal The Goddess In You. Video is a kind of collage that moves between two “realities” – one represents the world of commercials and other of one’s own bathroom where hair removal takes place. Video is pierced with ironic statements which are in fact transcripts taken directly from commercials.