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1000 and One Night


In the project entitled 1000 and one night I am questioning the image of the female body in the society. Specifically, I deal with the links being created between the female body and the fashion industry – with the problem of so-called perfect body that is produced by the fashion industry.
I deal with products that are offered by fashion industry to women, so they can change and modify their body to the current standards of the perfect body. Fashion industry offer women the opportunity to add or remove something from their bodies.
Among the great mass of these products, I call them body extensions, I used an indispensable piece of every woman’s wardrobe – the bra. It was first used for support but now it is only another piece in a multitude of fashion accessories. If I exaggerate a bit, there is a sea of various shapes and functions which the bra offers.
Its primary function (besides covering up the nipples) has become the sexual seduction of men. Women with smaller breasts tend to buy padded “push up” bras which transform a small bust into a so called balcony.
My intention was to convert this piece of fashion industry (that objectify woman) into the actual object – In a way, I subordinate the bra instead of he would subordinated me.
 The project would not have succeeded if not for the overwhelming response from women. My aim was to collect a large number of used bras and so far I have collected almost 1000.
I am hand sewing the bras into a large tapestry which I named 1000 and one night, which will eventually become a large colourful carpet – “a fashion accessory” – placed in a room and upon which people will in a way be forced to walk. By doing so I would like to achieve the final objectification of “a useful object” – the bra, which by this placement changes from a sexual object into a piece of furniture – carpet. 
 Occasionally I filmed and photographed the process of work. Project is work in progress and probably it will never be finished.
Year of production: 2016