Lea Culetto is a feminist artist whos practise in mainly focused on personal experience. She uses embroidery, assemblage and mixed media to create objects and installations that challenge notions of »femininity« and feminism through the prisms of fashion, the gaze and the body. 




Lea Culetto (b. 12. 1. 1995, Trbovlje) uses embroidery, assemblage and mixed media to create objects and installations that challenge notions of femininity and feminism through the prisms of fashion, the gaze and the body. In 2019, she completed a postgraduate study of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana (UL ALUO) with a master’s thesis “Too much, too little, never exactly right” and other tales about the female body. She is the recipient of the recognition (2015) and the award (2018) for special achievements awarded by the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. Her early group exhibitions include Into the Space, objects (Bežigrad Gallery I, Ljubljana, 2015) and DSU ROG (Zelenica Gallery, 2015). Future exhibitions have already given her the opportunity to present abroad: her graduation project was presented at the Transformation of Image exhibition (Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, 2016) together with an exhibition in Greece entitled ROOMS 2017 (Kappatos Gallery, Athens, 2017). In Slovenia, she participated in the exhibitions PREMIERA 2018 – 4th Triennial of Young Artists. Cultural Body, Space, Placements (Gallery of Contemporary Art, Celje, 2018), Hey, where are you now? (UGM studio, Maribor 2020) and 40 Years of Art(istic) Love by Vlasta Delimar (Škuc Gallery, 2020). Her solo exhibitions were presented at the Miklova hiša Gallery (Ribnica 2019), at the Aksioma Gallery (U30 +, Ljubljana 2019), at the Ravnikar Gallery Space (Ljubljana 2019) and at the Alkatraz Gallery (Mentorstvo +, Ljubljana 2019). She has participated and exhibited with various international festivals, Red Dawns (Ljubljana 2018, 2019), Deuje babe (Cerkno 2019), Lesbian Quarter Festival (Škuc Gallery, 2020), Račka Festival (Celje, 2020) and the City of Women Festival (Ljubljana 2020). ), any of which was carried out as part of the exhibition by the workshop Za nohte (nam) gre! for female students of the High School of Design and Photography. In December 2020, in cooperation with the Free Online Entry project, the workshop was conducted with students from the Celje-Center Grammar School, art and fine arts department. The works were presented to the public in the form of posters in public space.


2019 graduated with MA thesis,“Too Much, Too Little, Never Exactly Right and other tales about female body
2016 graduated with BA thesis




2019, babje leto / “indian summer”, Gallery Alkatraz, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2019, deflowered by Lea, Ravnikar Gallery Space, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2019, deflowered by Lea, Aksioma Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2019, deflowered by Lea, Galley Miklova hiša, Ribnica, Slovenia


2020, Future, Gallery Domžale, Domžale, Slovenia
2020, Corneous stories, 26th International festival of contemporary arts – City of Women 2020, ŠKUC Gallery, Ljubljana
2020, The Radical Reverberations of the Body, The Duckling Festival 2020, Račka Gallery, Celje, Slovenia
2020, Gender Slipslope, Lesbian Quarter Festival Exhibition, ŠKUC Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenija
2020, 40 godina art ljubavi Vlaste Delimar, ŠKUC Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2020, Hej, kje si zdaj?, UGM, Maribor, Slovenija
2019, 7. festival Deuje babe, Štrene, razstava iniciative ČIPke, Cerkno, Slovenia
2019, 20th International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns, Pre-Festival Programme, Guided tour with the exhibiting artists of the “Feminist Art at UL ALUO, 1st part: One, Two … Five (Hairy) Ideas for an Éden Better Tomorrow”
2019, Feminist Art at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, Part 1: One, Two … Five (Hairy) Ideas for an Éden Better Tomorrow, Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana, Sloveni
2018, Štrene / zaključna razstava iniciative ČIPke, Rampa Lab, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2018, The Cultural Body, Space, Placements, 4th Triennial of Young Artists – PREMIERE 2018, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Celje, Slovenia
2018, Collaboration (So-delo-vanje), Gallery Alkatraz, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2018, A3: Noč akademij, Center Slovanskih Kultur France Prešeren, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2018, Papirologija II, Gallery Media Nox, Maribor, Slovenia
2018, Galerija 7:069: PILOT epizoda, Layerjeva hiša, Kranj, Slovenia
2018, PopredmeteNJE, Red Dawns 19th International Feminist and Queer Festival, Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2017, Papirologija, Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2017, Young Female Art in Šiška, part one, GalerijaGGallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2017, Utelesenje, Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2017, Razstava študentov UL ALUO v prostorih FDV, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2017, ROOMS 2017 Plus+, Kappatos Gallery, Athens
2017, ROOMS 2017, St George Lycabettus Hotel, Kappatos Gallery, Athens
2016,Transformation of Image, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia
2016, DSU ROG, Zelenica Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2016, Video projection at the event Aktualna Beauvoir, Trubarjeva hiša literature, Ljubljana, Slovenia, (coordinator of the event: Eva D. Bahovec)
2016, In to the Space, Objects 2015, Bežigrajska galerija I, Ljubljana, Slovenia



2018 Award for outstanding academic achievements, Academy of Fine Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
2015 Award in recognition of outstanding academic achievements, Academy of Fine Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia