Cycle of Coincidental Images


27th of March 2017, at 11:15pm
Technique: scan, drawing on glass

Virgin Mary

27th of March 2017, 10:33pm
Technique: scan, drawing on glass

Boy with a violet aura

28th of March 2017, 12:00am
Technique: scan, drawing on glass

(Linking scan with no title)

Technique: scan 
A series of random images of menstrual blood is a simple project in which I deal with the question of what happens when you do not have complete control over the work process, as you leave the control to your body processes – in this case, the menstrual cycle.
The drawing embodies the first association that appears to me when looking at the scan “stain”. This association becomes the name of an individual work, the date and time of the creation of the image is added to the simple name.