60 cm

As I was thinking about fashion ideals it quickly became clear to me that a woman as a person is no longer important. She is bound by her body or, even worse, she becomes an object. As the famous Twiggy once said: the woman becomes a clothes hanger. And that hanger must have perfect proportions. Over the years these shrank to:
  • Breast girth: 80cm
  • Waist girth: 60cm
  • Hip girth: 80cm
I turned the sewing tape measure (for measuring the waist size), the dreaded instrument of every woman, into a wearable object – a belt.
Every sewing tape has only one hole through which the buckle is fastened – the number 60 disappears, in its place is a rivet which leaves only one option: “the perfect option”.
Materials: sewing tape measures, rivets, buckles
Year of production: 2016